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October 29, 2012
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"Professor Solus. I keep telling you, magic is completely different than your......'science'."

Mordin Solus leans over the alchemical bench, busily mixing various ingredients. His white and red lab coat fluttering in the breeze, his features set in deep concentration. "Silverite, easily fashioned into weapons, possible cure for most known poisons, toxic to creatures called darkspawn.......maybe liquifying no toxic to ingest." 

Glancing over at the elder mage for a split second, he shakes his head, "Magic is simply a different form of science. Said it yourself, magic still wildly unknown."

Wynne's fingers grip her staff more tightly as she struggles to control her frustration with her "guest". Suddenly, a thought strikes her, a wry smile on her lips. "Care to make a little wager Professor?"

"Always found gambling an unnecessary variable. Most humans I've found have an unhealthy obsession with wagering."

"So you're afraid that my magic will completely trounce your so called science?"

"Your attempts to provoke a reaction will prove fruitless and pointless, Wynne. However........I would like to figure out how your 'magic' could be replicated. Very well, I accept your challenge."

Wynne's smile makes Mordin slightly uneasy. "What shall the stakes be then Professor Solus?"

"Stakes? Why must there be any sort of prize? I'm doing this for science, not personal gain."

"Then let's begin. Best think fast."

Wynne's hands burst into brilliant orange flames as she hurls a fireball at the Salarian. The doctor dives to one side, his omni-tool activating as he fires a ball of incineration tech that strikes the projectile, detonating it into a small sphere of fiery destruction. As the fire dies out, Mordin gets to his feet, dusting off his lab coat. "Impressive display. The conjuration and expulsion of flame is quite fascinating. Less accurate than my tech, but effective nevertheless."

"Thank you Mordin."

"Curious to see what else you can conjure. Can you do this?"

Before Wynne can blink his omni-tool activates once more, releasing a ball of cryo-tech spiraling towards her. The mage doesn't even bat an eyelash at this, sweeping her staff up, catching the ball in the base, and sending it hurtling into the ground. The rod glows blue as she encases it with her own magics, sealing it in a small dome of ice. "That the best you've got?"

A quiet hmmm is all that escapes from the flummoxed Salarian. "Problematic. Let us try overload tech."

Wynne spins her staff and unleashes a thin bolt of lightning, striking the omni-tool before he can activate the tech. The bright red omni-tool flickers once before shutting down. "Oh...........Hmmmmm................remarkable shot Wynne."

"I noticed that your 'science' was being channeled through that...thing on your arm."

"Very astute. Let's see what you can do with out your staff."

"As you wish." 

Wynne places the gilded staff gently on the table, before turning back to Mordin, a sly smile playing about her lips. "Mordin, you will wish that I kept my staff."

"Will I? Let's test that theory."

Bright red and orange lights flash over his body, solidifying into armor, almost like it was forged from light. Wynne's eyebrows raise in curiosity. "Magnificent. I've never seen armor made from light itself. Most I can do is this."

She gets down on one knee, placing both her palms flat on the ground, causing her hands to glow with a greenish light. Cracks and fissures spread over the earth, as the earth begins to move up her arms and over her body, fusing together into a literal suit of armor made entirely of the earth itself. Mordin's mouth drops in astonishment causing Wynne to chuckle. "Finally the great Mordin Solus, at a loss for words. I'd like to savor this moment. What's the matter? Never seen someone do that before."

Mordin shakes his head suddenly, bringing his faculties back to the situation at hand. He coughs in obvious embarrassment, before deactivating the tech armor. "I admit.....I have never witnessed that before. I can't begin to fathom how one could replicate that with technology.....possibly a specialized biotic no no focus needed could result in traumatic brain damage from implants......"


"Oh. Right. Apologies."

"I think that is the closest thing to a compliment you've given me Mordin. I freely admit, your science is quite impressive." 

She strolls forward, to place a hand on his shoulder. "Thanks for this. I needed a way to unwind."

Before the doctor can respond, she places a swift kiss on his cheek, causing his face to grow slightly redder. "You are...*cough*.....quite welcome......Wynne."

She puts her arm around his, leading him back to the alchemic bench. "Let's see what we can come up with together. Put my magics with your science, Maker only knows what we could create."

Mordin's mind goes blank at the regal, elegant woman on his arm. Feelings that have never surfaced before begins to break through. Interesting.........hormonal responses............this is new...........hmm.

He smiles at the elder mage, and leads her to his workstation. "Perhaps you could help me make sense of some of these ingredients. After that.......perhaps.......dinner?"

Wynne smiles back at him, "I'd like that. I'm glad we had this discussion Mordin. I think we'll learn a lot from each other."

"As do I Wynne. As do I."
The EDE contest entry. I hope you all enjoy this!
:iconadl-art: will post a poll for the contest on Halloween.

Wynne and Mordin, two of my favorite characters. I hope you like my take on their interactions.
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LightningGalaxy Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist
Ahhahah! This is spectacular. You've portrayed Wynne and Mordin astonishingly.
I really wish BioWare would do a ME and DA crossover, that would be just... so very interesting, to say the least.
Voted for you in the contest, sure hope you win because you've done a profound job at writing this. :D
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Thanks so much! I really enjoyed writing this one :D

That would certainly be an epic crossover!!!! :eager:

:tighthug: Thanks so much!!! :D
Snazbanana Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
Great Man, loved watching the two bicker back and forth! :D
ADL-art Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
Your talent to portray these beloved characters are outstanding. If there ever was a BioWare crossover game i can easily imagine these two having this discussion :D
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
Oh good, I'm glad I did them justice :D

I tried my best to get their dialogue right. Also the situation evolved as I wrote....eventually ending in the subtle romance hints XD (apparently well enough to make :iconlilaaku: jealous of Wynne :giggle:)
ADL-art Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
A compliment well deserved Lex!

Considering the way your words connect to the audience (look at Remembering Mordin)i'm not surprised. Poor Lilaaku, gotta watch out for Alistair too... who'll sew his smelly holey socks now? X) Not to mention the other Mordinmancers :O
Lilaaku Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a Mordinmancer exactly ^^; When he had the 'I'm not interested, but if I was going to try a human would try you' talk I was fine with it (I kind of appreciated it actually, I really wouldn't want his character being affected by being in a relationship, like Morrigan's was).

Seeing him in any sort of possible romantic involvement after being told that however, makes me feel kind of betrayed for my Shep (I was more jealous of that Krogan, Baakara in ME3). It's probably a good thing he's not interested anyway. I like my Liara romance too much now to cheat on her... Still the temptation is there XD
ADL-art Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
Hrrmm reckon Mordin will remain in character even if he was romanceable. However it'll be even more tragic if you selected the right choices that leads to the end of Priority: Tuchanka, then select the paragon option D:

A testimonial to how great the ME series is & the way BioWare pulls our heart strings.
Lilaaku Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Salarians becoming romanceable ingame would probably be the first step to them becoming out of charater... it might even be the some sort of strange signs of reaper indoctrination :ohnoes:

Well, they killed off Thane (which I didn't mind so much myself; he knew he was dying anyway and I really appreciated him using his last moments to help Shep out rather than sit around. Sure a cure was hinted at, but he said himself that it probably wouldn't be ready during his lifetime...) I think it really could have added to the game's emotional experience if even Shep's possible one-sided love for Mordin could have been explored in that scene. I would have still let him cure the Genophage (he'd hate Shep if not), but it would have been nice to see a bit more acknowledgement.
Lilaaku Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:stare: That... Ending...

I am fuming right now XD I had the same reaction seeing Mordin's interest in Bakara in ME3, my Vanguard wouldn't have hesitated starting a fight with the Krogan over that... Whether she'd survive or not is a different matter. Probably just stick to glaring... Yes, I was jealous of a game character and I freely admit that :XD:

Anyway, some nice ideas here. I like the different ways they countered each other, and as much as I like Mordin... I have to say, magic beats science... For me at least ^^;

I just need to colour my own entry now, so I should have it up tomorrow :) Hopefully...
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