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June 11, 2012
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Father's Day Special - (Miranda Part 2)

The kitchen of the Shepard house is alive with streaks of blue and white. Miranda leans against the counter, mixing bowl in hand, vigorously stirring a mass of chocolate chip pancake batter. She watches the other girls carefully, making sure they're not doing something dangerous. Oriana mans the stove top, several pans already giving off the wonderful sounds of sizzling and popping. Rinyn stands on a step-stool next to Ori, handing Oriana the next pieces of bacon. "How's it coming Ori?"

Her sister gives her a smile over her shoulder. "Rin and I got this under control. Elle? You got those eggs?"

Velair's voice comes from the opened fridge. "Coming right up!" She emerges, carrying a bundle of eggs in her arms. She slips on the wet floor, hitting the ground with a crunch and a thump. Miranda reacts with the speed of a jungle cat, rushing over to Velair, who's got a scrape on her cheek. Tears start to flow down the young asari's face as she pushes herself off the floor, covered in a mixture of water and egg. Miranda scoops her up into her arms and places her on the counter, a wet towel already in hand. "There, there. Don't cry, it's alright."

Velair sniffs, her eyes turning red from crying. "But I....*sniff*......dropped the eggs."

Miranda gives her a warm loving smile. "Don't you worry." She turns to Ayrene who's been squeezing oranges with her little sister, Syren. "Aya? Would you go check and see if there are any eggs that are salvageable?"

Ayrene bounds down from the stool. "Not a problem, Aunt Miri."

Miranda slides the mixing bowl over to Syren. "Sweetie? Would you stir this for me?"

The bowl is almost a quarter the size of Syren, but she nods, "Yes Aunt Miri." Grasping the   metal spoon in both hands, she begins stirring. Miranda turns her attention back to Velair. She works to clean off the girl's face, removing the mixture of blood and egg from her cheek. "Rinyn? Could you grab me some medi-gel?"

Rin opens the drawer next to the stove, removing a slender tube marked with a red and white cross. She hands it over to Miranda, before hurrying back to Oriana. Unscrewing the cap, she puts a small line of gel across the scrape. Velair winces as the antibiotics sterilize the wound. Miranda produces a small white bandage placing it over the scrape gently. "There we go Elle. All better." She kisses Velair on the forehead. "You alright sweetie?"

Velair wipes her eyes with the palms of her hands. She looks at Miri with those deep green eyes, and smiles weakly. "There we go, no more tears. Now let's get you cleaned up. Aya, what's the situation with the eggs?"

Ayrene holds up about four eggs that miraculously survived the impact, a grin of triumph on her face. Miranda looks back to Velair. "See, Elle? No harm done. Okay then, Aya, give those to your sister. Then go rescue your little sister from the mixing bowl."

-Thirty Minutes Later-

A simply amazing breakfast sits before them on the counter: chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, and to top it all off fresh orange juice. The girls crowd around Miranda and Oriana gazing at the food with wonder in their eyes. "Well girls, I think you all did an outstanding job. Wanna go take it to your father?"

A resounding cheer is their response. Miranda hands the plate of eggs and toast to Velair, with another kiss to the forehead. Oriana distributes the other plates to the rest of the girls. They make their way up the stairs to their parents' bedroom. Miranda quietly opens the door. Liara sits on the bed, her reading glasses on, glancing over a datapad. Kaycee Shepard is fast asleep curled up next to her wife. Liara glances up at the assembled crowd and the warmest smile appears on her face. She gently nudges Kaycee, "Shepard, honey? Wake up. I think you have visitors."

Kaycee Shepard opens her eyes groggily, blinking in the rays of the rising sun. She gives Liara a kiss on the cheek before noticing the assembled group at the foot of the bed. Little Syren walks up to her father holding a glass of juice in her hands. She offers it to Kaycee, "Happy father's day, daddy!"

Kaycee sees the expectant looks on her children's faces, the plates of food, and Miranda and Oriana behind them. Tears begin to well up in her eyes. She tries to wipe them away. "Aww, shouldn't have."

The plates are placed on the foot of the bed. Each child coming over to give their father a hug and a kiss. Liara's head rests on Kaycee's shoulder, arms wrapped tightly around her chest. Kaycee can't keep the tears back. "This is........perfect, girls. Thank you all so much."

She looks at Miri and Ori. "Wait....what are you two doing here?" Miranda clears her throat. "Your eldest enlisted our assistance in making this the best Father's Day ever for you."

Shepard looks at Ayrene, who nods. "Mister Gardner gave us lessons on how to cook your favorite breakfast."

Kaycee blinks in surprise. "" She gives Ayrene a big hug. "You're quite the problem solver aren't you?"

Oriana produces a holo-camera. "Alright Shepards! Everyone gather round!"

The girls pile on their father and mother, all smiling for the camera. Syren looks hesitant for a moment. "Aunt Miri? Why aren't you gonna be in the picture?"

Miranda is about to protest, when Oriana gives her a small shove in the back. Stumbling forward, she sits on the corner of the bed, Velair draping herself on her shoulder.


Well I promised a Father's Day story to continue Miranda's short.
So here it is! I hope you all enjoy (Even though it's not Father's Day yet. :D)

Thanks to all of you for the just phenomenal support :tighthug:

Remember, Friday is the big reveal for the next steps for my SFS series.


As always......
Kaycee Shepard and the kids are creations of LiveAndLoveArt

Miranda, Liara, and Oriana are property of Bioware.
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LightningGalaxy Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist
This is so cute! Shepard is one lucky dad. HAHA.
I can't wait for your next SFS short!
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
Yep, that she is. This gonna be a little different....gonna have two separate things be posted. Two new projects....which I can't say yet :D you gotta wait two more days.
LightningGalaxy Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist
I'm sure it will be worth the wait. :D
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
:fingerscrossed: Here's hoping :D
Mouton1 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
Aww, so very cute! Yay for Miri in the family photo, she's been taking care of Shepard a great deal after all :3
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
I was so happy this worked out right. :D Very true, Miri has been helpful to Shep!
unkownsoldier1 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
Any ideas on how you'll do James? or Garrus? :confused:
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
I had Garrus show up in Kasumi's ([link])
But I'm trying to figure out the right short for him anyways.

Check back on Friday for something having to do with James :D (Won't say anything till then. lol)
unkownsoldier1 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
lol thanks. just curious, not trying to be annoying...
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
No worries :D
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