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June 24, 2012
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SFS: Dawn T'Loak

Purgatory, The Citadel

Kaycee drapes her arm over her daughter's shoulders. She can scarcely believe how quickly she's grown up. Just seems like yesterday that Ayrene was barely up to her knees, now a tall, slender, beautiful woman stands beside her. She gives her an affectionate squeeze, "So what do you think sweetie? I told you that I would take you dancing for your eighteenth birthday. This place good enough?"

Ayrene's eyes take in the flashing lights, the pounding music, the dancing patrons, and she smiles. "You really are the coolest dad ever. Mom would completely freak if she knew you brought me here." 

Kaycee imagines the fury that would come down on her if her wife knew where they were. She shudders at the thought, "Don't remind me Aya. Now, shall we have some fun?" 

She guides Ayrene over to the bar, raising a hand in greeting to the Turian bartender. "Raker! Long time no see!"

"Good to see you Shepard." He glances over at Ayrene. "Friend of yours?"

"You could say that. Raker, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Ayrene. Aya, this is Raker Krell. He mixes some of the best drinks this side of the Hourglass Nebula."

Raker nods his head, "A pleasure to meet you Ayrene. What's the occasion Shepard?"

"It's Ayrene's eighteenth birthday. Figured she deserves a night of fun and excitement."

"Well then Ayrene. Here's a drink on the house, the finest scotch we have to offer, it's a personal favorite of your father."

He slides them both a glass of golden brown liquid. Kaycee raises her glass to Ayrene, "Here's to the best daughter a father could ever hope for." 

A slight blush appears on Aya's cheeks as she clinks her glass against Kaycee's. "Thanks dad."

A voice sounds over the music, reaching Kaycee's ears. "Hey! Shepard! Aya!"

Kaycee smiles to herself as she turns to face Jack. "Good to see you Jack."

"Aunt Jackie!!!"

Ayrene rushes and embraces Jack. "I'm so happy you're here!"

Jack smiles, "I wouldn't want to miss the birthday of my favorite niece now would I?"

"Hey dad? You wanna introduce me or do you want me to just hover around in the background?"

Ayrene notices the asari standing next to Jack, her deep purple skin gleaming in the multi-colored lights. Her skin is adorned with several pure white tattoos that seem to glow of their own accord. Piercings cover her ears, and her scalp is styled so her "tentacles" spike up in a fan. Jack grins, "Ayrene? I'd like you to meet my daughter, Dawn T'Loak."

Aya's eyes widen at the last name, "Wait? T'Loak? You mean….?"

Dawn flashes a smile, "Yeah, the queen of Omega's my mom."

Kaycee puts a hand on Ayrene's shoulder, "Why don't the two of you go and have fun. Jack and I are gonna catch up." 

Dawn grabs Ayrene's hand , "Come on! Let's go show these people how to really have some fun." 

Kaycee watches them rush up the stairs towards the dance floor, before turning back to Jack. "Don't worry, she can dance like her mother. She didn't inherit my ineptitude with dancing."

Jack grins, "I wasn't gonna ask. Come on, let's go have a drink."

(Meanwhile on the dance floor)

Aya and Dawn dance like there's no tomorrow. Every eye in the room following their movements, taking in the sight of the beautiful pair. Ayrene smiles at Dawn, "So what's it like being the daughter of the great and powerful Aria?"

"I dunno, what's it like being the daughter of the famous Commander Shepard?"

"Heh, fair point. I need to ask, what's with the tattoos? They're not normal ones like your father's. They glow."

"Mom allowed me to get them done with a special eezo compound. The ink is infused with the stuff. You should see what happens when I use my biotics."

An arm drapes over Dawn's shoulder. "Hey there cutie. Wanna come dance with us?"

The smell of alcohol reaches Ayrene's nose as she notices at least five drunken patrons crowding around them. Dawn disdainfully removes the hand from her shoulder, "Not on your life. Beat it, you're out of your league."

"Aw, come on, don't be like that sweetheart. Why don't you and your friend come over and have a couple of drinks with us."

Ayrene gives the man a small shove, "The lady said get lost, take the hint."

"Oh you like it rough huh?" One of the five gives Ayrene's butt a small slap. "I like that in a girl."

Fury bubbles up in Ayrene, causing her biotics to activate. A slight purple shimmer covers her body. Before the man can blink, she slams her forehead into his nose, breaking it. The drunk stumbles to the floor, clutching his face in pain. His friends move in but Dawn grabs two of them and hurls them down the stairs with a biotic shove. She flashes Aya a grin, "So this is what the great Commander Shepard's daughter does for fun? Not gonna lie, I'm impressed. You and I are gonna get along perfectly!"

Ayrene delivers a swift kick to the groin of the final drunk, dropping him. She turns to see a dozen guards/bouncers making their way up the stairs to eject them from the club. "Look Dawn, more people who want to dance with us."

"Then let's show them a good time Ayrene."

Down below at the bar, Jack and Kaycee notice the commotion coming from the dance floor. Kaycee looks at Jack, "Think it's our girls?"

Jack nods, "Dawn's temper is about as short as mine was when we first met. It's a safe bet that our girls are behind the ruckus."

Sure enough, a brilliant flash of white light hurls a pair of Turians down the steps, landing at their feet. Kaycee sighs, "Should we go stop them?"

"Ah, let them have some fun, it's not everyday you get into a bar fight."

"Let's at least go up and make sure they're winning."

All of a sudden, the commotion stops. Making their way up the steps, they find Ayrene and Dawn sitting at the bar, amidst a pile of unconscious guards and patrons. Various cuts and bruises cover their faces, and they each have an arm draped over the other's shoulder. Jack smiles and nudges Kaycee in the ribs, "I think they're gonna get along fine. Come on." 

Ayrene smiles at the expression on her father's face. "Hey Dawn?"


"You wanna hang out sometime?"

"….I'd like that."

Music for barfight would be this [link]

Well, here's a small bit of backstory for Dawn T'Loak and her first meeting with Ayrene Shepard.
When we reach the present day in Lineage, they are the best of friends.
I hope you all enjoy!
Thanks to BlackLion for helping me come up with the design for Dawn T'Loak.
Also thanks to Villaj for the idea of Jack as the father.
Ayrene and Kaycee Shepard belong to LiveAndLoveArt and myself.
Jack belong to Bioware.
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00Archer Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
In my mind it will be canon for my female biotic spacer shepard who is always with Liara,
Madison Shepard
00Archer Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
I have read almost all your Shepard Family Stories i absolutely love them and the whole Shepard Family including the extended family wish this was canon
March4Fun Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
1/8 KROGAN HEADBUTT!!! Good work, Aya! Wasn't expecting the Jack and Aria relationship, but it makes sense. They are quite similar, and would at least be friends due to mutual hate. It could have moved on beyond that later.
Dawn is the daughter of the Pirate Queen and the Psychotic Biotic; the offspring of the two most powerful biotics in the galaxy. I'll bet if she unlocks her potential, she could b**chslap a Reaper into the ground. The galaxy is going to be in trouble for the next thousand years...
BlueDemonX Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Jack and Aria? Really...well, why not, I guess xD
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Yeah, wouldn't have believed it until I stopped and really thought about it. It really works in a way.

Way I figured they got together is when she enlisted Shepard to help her liberate Omega from the remnants of Cerberus, Jack tagged along (to kill more Cerberus people XD) and Aria was intrigued by her sheer power, seduces her, etc. XD
BlueDemonX Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Oh yeah, that could work! Canīt wait for that DLC :D
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Hopefully they'll give good single-player DLC
moreeman06 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Student General Artist
that was a great one, well written and funny. I'm assuming that the headbutt was Ayrene's krogan heritage coming out?
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
Actually her sparring sessions with her uncles (Wrex and Grunt) :D
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)
liquidfire101 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist
I just loved this whole story! Jack and Aria.....I can totally see it although when we first saw Jack aka in ME2 I was like woah this chick lol. But loved her character development in ME3 and how because of Shepard she dealt with her past and became a better person. Anywho I love how you managed to show her better side in this and if you had to picture her in a different way, you got it least I think so lol. Nice to see she has a daughter now too. =)
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