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July 11, 2012
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Pantheon Operations Database

Good morning, Admiral Williams.

Please select a file.

File Number 6525567-42AMS

Real Name: Ayrene Minerva Shepard

Aliases: "Aya", Athena

Species: Asari

Age: 31 years old (human years)

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Commander Kaycee Shepard (Father), Liara T'Soni (Mother), Rinyn Shepard (sister), Velair Shepard (sister), Syren Shepard (sister), Hannah Shepard (Grandmother), Matriarch Aethyta (Grandmother).

Base of Operations: The SR-7 Aegis

Place of Birth: New York City

Occupation: Special N7 Operative, Captain of the Aegis. 

Height: 6'1"        Weight: 163 lbs.       Eyes: Blue        Skin: Light Blue

Class: Hellion

Weaponry: Dual M-5 Phalanx pistols (One is her father's, the other's a gift from her Aunt Ashley.) One with Incendiary Ammo, the other with Cryo Ammo. 

Biotic Powers: Pull/Throw, Nova, Warp, Shockwave

Heavy Melee: Omni-sword (Can be infused with her warp field)

Other Powers/Abilities: Peak physical condition, expert in various forms of martial arts, weaponry, and sabotage.

Admiral Williams' Notes: Aya has been the ideal operative since her recruitment. She's certainly had quite the burden forced on her, being the eldest daughter of the great Commander Shepard. But in spite of all that, she's taken to this work like a fish to water. She's been itching for the chance to show the galaxy what she can really do. Little Ayrene has grown up around the greatest the galaxy has to offer, gaining a level of experience that would take decades for others to learn: sparring with two Krogan uncles, a proficiency with firearms from her Uncle Garrus, even sparking a friendship with Aria's daughter, Dawn T'Loak.

Bio: [Classified]

File Number 6593411-42RHS

Real Name: Rinyn Hannah Shepard

Aliases: "Rin"

Species: Asari

Age: 28 years old (Human years)

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Commander Kaycee Shepard (Father), Liara T'Soni (Mother), Ayrene Shepard (sister), Velair Shepard (sister), Syren Shepard (sister), Hannah Shepard (Grandmother), Matriarch Aethyta (Grandmother)

Base of Operations: New Grissom Academy

Place of Birth: New York City

Occupation: Teacher 

Height: 6'0"        Weight: 155 lbs.       Eyes: Blue        Skin: Dark Blue

Class: Archon (Taken from an ancient Asari order, similar to the Justicar)

Weaponry: Acolyte Heavy Pistol (Gift from her mentor, Samara). Used only in self-defense, locked in her drawer in the teachers' quarters. 

Biotic Powers: Barrier/Biotic Sphere, Reave, Singularity, Shockwave, Push/Pull

Heavy Melee: Heavy Biotic Burst

Other Powers/Abilities: Trained for ten years with Justicar Samara. As a result, her biotics are quite formidable, allowing her to create an almost impermeable biotic sphere. Her dissertation on biotic fields still under review. 

Note from Miranda Lawson: Rin certainly inherited her mother's intellect, as well as her biotic prowess. Combine those two facts with an extensive training regime from Samara, and you've got quite the brilliant young woman. It's really no wonder that the headmistress of the New Grissom Academy requested her to teach there personally. Her theories on a person's biotic field are quite remarkable. She may be brilliant, but she has problems with shyness and insecurity. Hopefully her time teaching will bring her out of her shell. 

Bio: [Classified Data]

File Number 6463425-42VAS

Real Name: Velair Aethyta Shepard

Aliases: "Elle"

Species: Asari

Age: 24 years old (Human years)

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Commander Kaycee Shepard (Father), Liara T'Soni (Mother), Ayrene Shepard (sister), Rinyn Shepard (sister), Syren Shepard (sister), Hannah Shepard (Grandmother), Matriarch Aethyta (Grandmother)

Base of Operations: The Citadel

Place of Birth: New York City

Occupation: Citadel Security Services

Height: 6'1"        Weight: 160 lbs.      Eyes: Green        Skin: Purple

Class: Commando


Biotic Powers: 

Tech Powers: 

Heavy Melee: 

Other Powers/Abilities: 

Notes from Captain Chellick: Never has C-SEC gotten such an eager recruit, and never have we gotten one with a tactical mind to rival that of most Turian generals. Velair has been eager to prove herself since the day she arrived on the Citadel. She is not your average officer, always questioning authority, always taking chances. But at the end of the day, she realizes that you can't always walk in the light to do what is right. That can mean anything from bending the rules to put someone behind bars, or fighting dirty to bring down the bad guys. She really resents me for putting her on easy, simple assignments. But I promised Primarch Vakarian that I would keep his niece safe, to not let her be exposed to the grittier aspects of the Citadel. She is certainly like her father, always finding a way around my orders, without actually disobeying them. In my personal opinion, she has the potential to be one of the greatest tacticians of our time. 

File Number 676347-42SMS

Real Name: Syren Miranda Shepard

Aliases: "Sy", "Blue"

Species: Asari

Age: 21 years old (Human years)

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Commander Kaycee Shepard (Father), Liara T'Soni (Mother), Ayrene Shepard (sister), Rinyn Shepard (sister), Velair Shepard (sister), Hannah Shepard (Grandmother), Matriarch Aethyta (Grandmother)

Base of Operations: New York City

Place of Birth: New York City

Occupation: Student

Height: 6'0"        Weight: 150 lbs.      Eyes: Brilliant Blue        Skin: Light Blue

Class: Medic

Weaponry: None

Biotic Powers: Throw, Pull, Barrier, Stasis

Heavy Melee: Unknown

Other Powers/Abilities: [Classified]

Note from Doctor Karin Chakwas: I have never found such a kind-hearted girl in all my years. Ever since she was born, Syren has always cared for others. I think it stems from her sisters, they've all had a profound effect on her, from Aya's natural-born leadership to Elle's tactical mind. I'd like to think that she could quite possibly be the strongest of the four girls, even if she's not aware of it herself. The galaxy should be on the lookout for this young asari. I expect great things from her, even if I won't be around to see her flourish. 

File Number 7428991-45AOL

Real Name: Artemis Oriana Lawson

Aliases: "Ari"

Martial Status: Single

Relatives: Miranda Lawson (Mother), Oriana Lawson (Aunt)

Base of Operations: The Citadel

Place of Birth: London

Occupation: Musician

Height: 5'8"        Weight: 157 lbs.      Eyes: Bright Green       Skin: Caucasian    Hair: Jet Black

Note from Dr. Liara T'Soni-Shepard: If you had told me that Miranda would ever manage to settle down, I would have said that you're crazy. Well, turns out I was only half right. Thanks to some major breakthroughs in medical technology, Miranda was able to have a daughter of her very own, Artemis Lawson. She's as sharp and intelligent as her mother and a musical prodigy. She's only seventeen right now, and she's getting booked at major venues for her musical talents. Kaycee told me that her singing voice is like that of an angel....still not sure entirely what that means. It comes as no surprise that she's struck up a friendship with my daughter, Velair. I can only imagine the woman that she will grow up to be. 

File Number 8248859-45KSV

Real Name: Kimberly Rachel Vega

Aliases: "Kim"

Martial Status: Single

Relatives: Kelly Chambers (Mother), James Vega (Father)

Base of Operations: The Citadel, Apollo Cafe

Place of Birth: Los Angeles

Occupation: Waitress/Student

Height: 5'9"        Weight: 160 lbs.      Eyes: Hazel       Skin: Caucasian    Hair: Red

Note from Samantha Traynor: Kind, cheerful, intelligent, strong-willed. All these words can be used to describe this girl, her mother's personality mixed with her father's drive. None of the Normandy's crew could have predicted that Kelly and James would have ended up together. But Kimberly is certainly a welcome addition to our "family". I've been tutoring her when she's off of work to help her prepare for her exams. I have no doubt that her adaptable mind will be perfect for the Alliance. Also everyone needs to try her specialty coffees, they are simply to die for.

File Number 4679956-65KRR

Ship Name: The Ravonna

Ship Type: Quarian Light Cruiser

Crew Size: 40 Quarians / 10 geth

Commanding Officer: Commander Kal'Reegar vas Ravonna

Other Notable Crew Members:

  • Pilots - Kris'Reegar, Ace, Ria'Draken (Shuttle Pilot)
  • Marines: Raza'Gerrel, Kara'Rao, Zei'Mara
  • Geth Elites: Centurion, Gideon, Saber


  • GARDIAN (A gift from the Geth)
  • Arc-Disruptor Torpedoes (a design from Admiral Xen)
  • Three Batteries of Mass Accelerators (Taken from Korlus)
Notes from Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh:
I disagree with the other admirals' decision to give Kal'Reegar his own ship, not to mention allowing geth to serve aboard as equals. I believe that his experience on Palaven has left him a shadow of the soldier he once was. If it wasn't for Admiral Han'Gerrel's support, he would have been removed from his position as a marine. Now he has the affections of that naive girl, Tali'Zorah. I find it curious that he was allowed to choose his own crew members and he personally hand-picked five geth elites for his squad. Never before has a quarian been allowed to "pick-and-choose" who serves aboard their ship. Perhaps this is a sign that things are beginning to change. Well, if my words are to fall on deaf ears, at least I can make sure that the ship will remain intact. I shall send over several of my prototypes to outfit the Ravonna. 

File Number 3654489-42JKS

Real Name: Jorgal Skorch

Aliases: Skorch

Marital Status: Married

Base of Operations: Tuchanka

Occupation: Battlemaster, Enforcer, Trainer

Age: 748 years         Skin tone: Tan/Dark Brown       Markings: Burns along left side of face      Eyes: Red

Personality: A noble warrior with a fierce determination and would rather show mercy rather than slaughter his enemies (rare for a Krogan).

File from Chieftain Urdnot Wrex: a truly unique Krogan. When he was young, his Rite of Passage came with a terrible cost, his brothers. They were overrun by a vast horde of Klixen, but only Skorch managed to come out alive but a large part of his body was severely burned. Rather than seeking medical help, he wears his burns as a reminder as to what one can lose in battle. It was after that day, that his biotic gifts first manifested. However, unlike most biotics, his field moved and looked like a roaring fire. Whenever he "charged" across the battlefield, he left a trail of biotic fire in his wake. Finally, the years of constant battle and bloodshed began to take its toll on him. He began to show mercy to his enemies, shooting to wound or bludgeon rather than killing. His clan, fearing others would view them as weak, exiled him from Tuchanka. He wandered the galaxy working as a bouncer, enforcer, mercenary, even tried to get a job in C-Sec. It wasn't until the destruction of Sovereign, that I heard of his....talents. I recognized that Skorch was truly a force to be reckoned with, despite his mercy. I brought him home and made him a battlemaster, as well as giving him his own squad to help protect Tuchanka. Rather than take the name of Clan Urdnot, he still showed loyalty to his old clan, keeping the name of Jorgal. I lent him to Hackett during the Reaper War, showing that the Krogans would stand strong beside their allies. Not even a Banshee could stand before the sheer biotic power of this battlemaster. He spends his time, these days, training the young bloods here on Tuchanka. 

File Number 4337556-42LAM

Real Name: Lysandra M'Ardin

Aliases: "Sandra", "Mari"

Age: 214

Marital Status: Married

Base of Operations: Various

Place of Birth: Thessia

Occupation: Sniper/Fighter Pilot

Height: 5'7"        Weight: 150 lbs.      Eyes: Light Green        Skin: Purple

Weaponry: Her customized M-98 Widow Anti-Material Rifle as well as the strength-enhancing cybernetic implants allowing her to use it.

Note from Councilor Tevos: Lysandra has been a part of the Armali Sniper Unit since she was 175. Her aim is truly unparalleled. But what she always wanted to do....was fly. However she could never pass the entrance exams to do so. It wasn't until she was hand-picked by Spectre Lyra Borealis to work for her, that she got her chance. I've seen her piloting skills in action during the fight against Sovereign, and I can say, few can make a ship move like she can. 

File Number: 5659968-43LSB

Real Name: Lyra Borealis

Age: 382

Marital Status: Married

Colors: Dark Red armor with black trimming.     Markings: Tattoo that covers back

Height: 5'9"    Weight: 165 lbs.  Eyes: Bright green   Skin: Dark Blue

Council Spectre

Renegade for the reason that she works outside the boundary of normal laws....which is how she likes it.

Note from Dr. Liara T'Soni-Shepard:
Ever since she was about 100, Lyra loved to bend the rules. She worked for C-Sec as an undercover operative. Thanks to her, Blood Pack and Blue Suns were either wiped out or incarcerated on the Citadel. She also stopped a massive Red Sand smuggling operation. The Council took notice of her actions and made her the offer to be a Spectre. She happily agreed. Her partner for many years was Tela Vasir. She taught Lyra almost everything she knew. Together, they took down an entire batarian slaver ring. Lyra never felt more alive during her time with Vasir. She found out sadly that Vasir was in the pocket of the Shadow Broker. Heartbroken, she confronted Vasir with the evidence. Vasir tried to incapacitate her, however Lyra was more than a match for mentor. The fight lasted hours with neither backing down. Vasir finally relented saying that she'd keep to the terminus systems for her operations. Lyra was furious that her mentor could be bought like that. She made it her mission to find a way to get to the Shadow Broker and put an end to him. I finally broke the news to her that the Shadow Broker had been taken care of, much to her dismay.

File Number 4543349-23AWG

Ship Name: SSV Gilgamesh

Ship Type: Alliance Leviathan-Class Dreadnought

Crew Size: 70 Humans / 10 Asari / 10 Turians / 10 Salarians

Commanding Officer: Admiral Ashley Williams

Other Notable Crew Members:

  • Pilots - James Murdock, Rachel Millar (Co-Pilot), Britta Wilson (Flight Deck Commander)
  • Science Officer - Atria Charr (Asari Specialist) 
  • Marines: Lieutenant Sara Taylor


  • 156 broadside mass accelerator cannons (78 on each side)
  • Prototype Quarian/Geth Ion Cannon (Main gun)
  • 60 F-64 Halberd Fighters
  • 50 F-60 Falchion Interceptors
Notes from Admiral Steven Hackett (Retired):
Well this is a new day for the Alliance Navy. The Gilgamesh is the final product of the combined efforts for the Council and the Alliance. She certainly is a beautiful sight to behold. Williams certainly deserves a ship like this for all she's done for the galaxy. I can't think of a better replacement for my position in the Navy. The other Council races certainly went all out to make this the new flagship of the Fifth Fleet. Sparatus made sure each of the new line of fighters was outfitted with the finest line of armor and weaponry, while Tevos' engineers made sure the armor would be almost impossible to breach. But the most intriguing fact is that for the first time, other races other than Humans will serve on board. We shall see if Admiral Williams' newfound tolerance for other species will continue. 

The opposite side to the coin as it were. This is for the good guys! I'll keep adding to it as well.

UPDATE: 9/15/12
Expanding entries......Ayrene and Rinyn
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