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July 8, 2012
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Shepard Family Stories: Lineage

-Chapter Seven-

(Grissom Academy)

Kahlee Anderson grasps her husband's arm tightly, fear etched in every line of her face. Her voice comes out in a whisper, "David? We need to get out of here….now. I've never seen Jack look like that before. She might blow a hole in the side of the academy. Grab Ramierez and let's fall back."

David Anderson pulls the sobbing girl off of Pragley's body, "There's nothing you can do for him now…..We gotta go."

Miranda's aim never wavers from Allison's head, "You'll pay for killing that boy."

"Oh really? I'd rather like to see that."


Allison looks down at Jack, "Wow, I'm impressed Zero. That shock should have dropped a Krogan for at least an hour. Guess I'll have to do this in a more hands-on fashion."

She delivers a vicious kick to Jack's side, lifting her off the ground and sending her about five feet backwards. Turning back to the two amazonian warriors, she smiles behind her helmet, "Thomas? Kat? Are you two gonna keep sleeping or are you gonna pitch in here?"

The male Fury rises to his feet, greenish energy flowing around his fingertips. The final Fury clenches her fists tightly, and a pair of blades extend from the wrist gauntlets. Samara glances at Miranda from the corner of her eye, "Shall I take the leader or the subordinates?"

"Up to you Samara. I'm fine with any of them."

"Very well, I leave the leader to you… careful."

"You too."

Allison smiles and begins to circle Miranda, her whip crackling with blue sparks, "So the high and mighty Miranda Lawson thinks she can beat the best Tartarus has to offer? Arrogant bitch, you'll never change."

"You're not one to talk."

The whip flashes towards Miranda, who sidesteps the attack, opening fire on Allison. The large Carnifex rounds bounce off harmlessly from her barrier. Miranda grimaces slightly, "Fine then, we'll do this your way." Balls of bright blue energy form around her fists as she throws herself at the Fury.

Samara holds up her hand, shaping a shield of biotic energy as green spikes of biotic energy fly at her. She senses movement from behind and raises her hand in a defensive gesture, as a blade of dark blue comes slashing down at her. Samara doesn't even flinch as the blade cuts slightly into her flesh of her outstretched palm. She closes her hand around the blade and twists, snapping the wrist blade clean off. Purple blood trickles down onto the floor. A modulated voice sounds in her ear, "So I guess the stories of the vaunted powers of a justicar are just that….stories. Even someone like you can't split your focus to fight off two opponents at once."

"Then….let's even the score….a little."

Thomas' eyes widen as a glowing blue fist explodes out the front of his chest, a hail of black pieces of armor and bone fly outwards from the impact. Jack's fist, stained crimson from the Fury's blood, still glows with a brilliant blue light. She pulls her fist from the now lifeless body of the former Fury. Kat screams in rage and throws herself at Jack, only to be restrained by Samara. "Be still or you shall join him."

Kat struggled in the ironclad grip of the justicar, Samara wrenching her arm behind her back. Samara's other hand closes around Kat's windpipe, causing the rage fueled operative to stop squirming. Jack collapses back onto her knees, the biotic glow fading from her body, "Putting that much force into a punch….always takes too much out of me."

"Are you injured Jacqueline?"

"Bitch broke a few of my ribs…..but other than that…..yeah, I'm fine."

Jack realizes that there is still one last fight going on. She turns to watch the woman that she once loathed with every fiber of her being, swiftly dodging the strikes and lashes from the final Fury. Jack knew she was more than adequate in a fight, but she never knew Miranda could move like that. Every strike, every block, every leap almost redefined the very definition of balletic grace. The Fury couldn't hope to match her speed, even with the obvious enhancements. Jack would have never guessed that this was the same "cheerleader." She stares open-mouthed as Miranda delivers a brutal roundhouse to her opponent's side, charging the kick with her biotic field. Allison Kane goes skidding across the floor, slamming into the metal doors leading to the dorms. Miranda unholsters her sidearm and takes aim once more. "The way you were talking before, I would have expected more from a vaunted Fury."

Allison pulls off her helmet again, looking at Miranda with those merciless dark brown eyes, "Never said I was trying to beat you. Just needed to keep you all busy. My associates should be leaving with our target right about…….now."

She tosses her helmet into air, and it begins to glow with a brilliant white light. Miranda yells at Jack and Samara, "Shield your eyes!"

They all manage to shut their eyes just in time, as the helm explodes like a supernova, filling the hall with piercing light. Miranda waits a few seconds before blinking her eyes open. Both Allison and Kat have vanished, the door to the docking bay wide open. Miranda clenches her fist in frustration, "Damn it."

Jacqueline unsteadily gets to her feet, "Okay……what the hell is going on here?"

Jack notices that Miranda refuses to meet her gaze, "What's wrong Miranda?"

"….I recognized the tech she was using for the flash-bomb……"

"From where?"

"Cerberus……I designed it for Cerberus……"

"What the hell are they doing with Cerberus tech?"

"Not sure…..but I intend to find out."

Kahlee Anderson bursts in the hall, a large bruise forming under her right eye. She stumbles forward into Samara's arms. "She's gone! They took her!" 

Miranda's head whips towards Kahlee, "They got Rinyn?!?"

"No….they weren't after her…..they took Alera."

Jack looks at Kahlee with a concerned expression, "My god……"

Miranda looks between the pair, frustration and rage beginning to show on her perfect features. "Will someone tell me who the bloody hell is Alera."

Rinyn's voice comes from the doorway, "Alera Solana….one of our Salarian students. She's a genius when it comes to genetics. If they wanted her, it can't be a good thing."

Samara turns to Rinyn, "It is good to see that you are unharmed."

"Thanks Samara. Care to explain why you all thought they were after me?"

Miranda walks over to Thomas' corpse, closing his eyes with two fingers. "We don't have time. Kahlee? I want you to gather up the students. Put them on the shuttles and send them to Alliance Headquarters. After that, I want you and David to stay there. Rin? Grab Ms. Chambers and meet us at the shuttle…..We're taking you to your father."


The shuttle makes its way towards a black and green frigate bearing the mark of Tartarus. Allison hits a button on the console, a black figure appears on the screen, the voice distorted, Report.

"We got the girl, but we also ran into some opposition: Lawson, the Justicar, and Subject Zero."

Where's Alecto?

"We lost him….Megaera's in a state of shock."

That's unfortunate. But he was expendable. As are you….never forget that.

"I know. What do you want done with the girl?"

Bring her here. She will be a welcome addition to the project.

"We'll be there soon. Tisiphone out."

Well, the fight scene you've been waiting for since the last chapter is here. Gotta say it was a lot harder to write that you would think.
But here you go! :D
Special thanks go out to BlackLion, Vierna, LightningGalaxy, and LiquidFire for beta-testing my chapter.
Thanks to BlackLion and V for helping design parts of the Furies and creating Alera.

Previous Chapter: ([link])
Next Chapter: Coming Soon!

Tartarus Mainframe: ([link])
Rinyn and the Furies belong to me.
Sam, Miri, Jack, Kahlee, and David belong to Bioware.
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BlueDemonX Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Nice story, although I think the end of the war went far too good for Shepard (as there were so many survivors :D). I started reading this series directly, so I probably donŽt know what actually happened with your Shepard (IŽll read the other SFS series right away!).
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Yeah, Lineage is the "sequel" to the SFS shorts.
It went no different than the game (since it shows them all surviving in the EC). Only ones that died were Mordin, Legion, and Thane. My whole reason for writing them is that I disagreed originally with Bioware's ending. So I took it the way I wanted.

And now we're almost a quarter of the way into Lineage. (almost 35 years later from the ending).
Now we have Tartarus rearing its ugly head to take revenge on Shepard and those she cares for.
BlueDemonX Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
I think I meant Anderson with that, he dies on the Citadel no matter what, so yeah...
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Was the only part I didn't agree with (Anderson dying) so I decided to alter it XD. The man deserved better than that, so I gave him Kahlee Sanders.
Vierna-Drottingu Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
looooooveeee :love: oh my Miri, so damn badass :D I kinda expected more from the Furies too xD
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
Well the strongest of the three is certainly Allison XD. and we haven't seen the last of her :D.

Glad you liked the description for Miri's part of the fight :love:
Vierna-Drottingu Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
she is the strongest, but Miri kicked her ass without breaking the sweat? or was Allison toying with her?
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
:love: You'll have to wait and see :evillaugh:
Vierna-Drottingu Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
xD waiting, Im waiting!
SaintWalker1806 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
Round two won't be happening for a while though XD

So did you like Jack's view on Miranda?
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