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Submitted on
October 20, 2012
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[Encrypted].....Passcode Required:
[Council Passcode Accepted]

File Number 4430094-41LSM

Real Name: Lysandra M'Ardin

Aliases: Callsign "Nightfall"

Species: Asari

Age: 159

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: [Encrypted: Omega-Level Clearance Required]

Base of Operations: Thessia, SSV Anubis

Place of Birth: Port Lerama, Hyetiana

Occupation: Bodyguard-for-hire, Sniper

Height: 5'7"       Weight: 186 lbs      Eyes: Dark Green     Skin: Purple

Class: Defender

Weaponry: The Widowmaker (a custom-built Black Widow with scavenged Nemesis tech implanted into it)

Biotic Powers: Barrier, Sphere

Tech Powers: Nova, Inferno Grenades 

Heavy Melee: Fire Strike

Other Powers/Abilities:  Strength-enhancing cybernetic implants from her time in the Armali Snipers, Targeting visor with dual VIs  for enhanced accuracy.

Note from Councilor Tevos: One of our best and brightest, Lysandra certainly made a name for herself during the Reaper War, especially managing to keep several of our reactors on Cyone out of Cerberus' hands. She joined up with Borealis aboard the Anubis, becoming part of her rag-tag band of mercs and outcasts. The group gave both Cerberus and Reaper forces a run for their money in many battles during the war. An expert sniper, she prides herself on never missing her target...ever.

Bio: [Coming Soon]

The Defender Class: Able to protect themselves and others, the Defender is a master of offense and defense.

Class Abilities: 
  • Barrier / Sphere
  • Nova
  • Grenades (Varied)
First member of Spectre Borealis' Solaris Squad. Lysandra M'Ardin the Sniper. Enjoy!!!!
Look for more of her in the next chapter :D
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Lilaaku Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Snipers... :shakefist: I really wouldn't want to be in a fight against Lyra :disbelief:

Nice to know her full name though :)... And that's a cool callsign :D
Especially one armed with a custom Black Widow (The Widowmaker) :XD:

This isn't Lyra by the way, this is Lysandra M'Ardin, completely different person :D

Yep, Callsigns are always fun to make :D
Lilaaku Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, sorry. Got confused for a minute there ^^;

So was this sniper the one that shot Wrex?

Anyway, I'm off to read the second part of you Leliana story now (I would have done earlier, but I just got back from the dentist :icondizzy-plz:
Maybe? XD

Ooh ;p
Lilaaku Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It was her wasn't it? :shakefist:

Ugh... It really wasn't fun.
.........maaaaaaybe :giggle:

No doubt :XD:
Lilaaku Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know she did it! XD

Yep :/ I don't drink, smoke do drugs or any of that stuff... but sweets... :drool:
You don't know that.......yet :D Maybe yes, maybe no :evillaugh:

You and I are alike in that respect. Never had the taste for alcohol, and seen smoking/drugs destroy several friends.

Sweets are my kryptonite :XD:
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