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October 12, 2012
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File Number 5445569-98KTK

Real Name: Kolyat Krios

Aliases: No other aliases.

Species: Drell

Age: 45 years old (Earth Years)

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Thane Krios (Father/Deceased), Irikah Krios (Mother/Deceased)

Base of Operations: Kahje, Temple of Kalahira

Place of Birth: Kahje

Occupation: Priest

Height: 6'0"       Weight:  195 lbs.     Eyes: Black     Skin: Blue/Green

Class: Monk

Weaponry: Two Zenith Heavy Pistols (custom designed for his father by the Hanar, called Darkness and Light)

Biotic Powers: Throw, Shockwave, Barrage

Tech Powers: Shadow Strike, Incinerate, Disruption Orb

Heavy Melee: Nerve Strikes

Other Powers/Abilities: Assassin training from the Hanar and Drell Masters on Kahje. 

Note from Kasumi Goto: Thane's kid........not much to say there. He misses his father, but he's devoted his time to the temples on Kahje. Strong-willed, like his father, the kid's got a lot of potential. I helped recover his father's last gift to him, the Darkness and Light. Last time I saw the pistols, he was keeping them locked away, preferring to keep busy with the other priests than spend time with the rest of our extended family. I hope, for his sake, that he's happy there. He's had so much loss...........he needs a beacon of hope.

Bio: [Encrypted by Kasumi Goto]

The Monk Class: A master of martial arts, the Monk can be used as a protector or an assassin. Nerve strikes and rapid fire biotics make the Monk a true master of the battlefield and beyond.

Class Abilities: 
  • Barrage: Unleashes a rapid-fire cluster of biotic throws and pulls, sowing confusion amidst the battlefield.
  • Disruption Orb: An orb of overload tech that is effective on both organics and synthetics.
An older version of Kolyat for the Lineage universe.
I hope you all enjoy the new and improved Kolyat Krios.

Kolyat belongs to Bioware, updates from me! :D
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now that i look closely, it's Mordin's age that throws every thing off, not Kolyat's. drop him down to 30, and the math gods will be appeased. muahahahahaha *cough* *hack* sorry. XD
That give or take is up to 10 years, if you look at Mordin's age and assume he was born right at the end of the Reaper wars. I'm a math and details geek, so... Great story, though. i hope somebody deals with this Hades bitch before more good people get killed.
Shouldn't Kolyat be older, unless he was 10 when you stopped him in Thane's loyalty mission. How fast do drell mature physically?
They never say exactly, but I'm thinking along the lines of him being around 15 when you first meet him. Since he had a lot to learn still :XD: So this is around 30 years after ME3, so the age is fairly right in my universe give or take a few years.

The bio is part of the large Pantheon Database for my Lineage universe. [link]
Lilaaku Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
After playing Multiplayer for the first time last night, it's kind of funny to see this here :giggle: I was awful at playing the Drell I unlocked, flipping around all over the place XD (it probably wasn't a good idea to try going up against the Geth first, with him being an Adept and everything). I must have died about... ten times ^^; It was so embarrassing, but the mission was completed :dance: I went back to my Krogan after that :)

Nice to see Kolyat seems a lot more competent than that (though I don't really see how that can be much of a compliment). It's interesting to see how he's moved on.
Drells are hard to master. But you were right, Geth....probably not a good idea for beginners XD.

I recommend Cerberus then Reapers (only because of the Ravagers and Banshees).

Collectors are much worse......and now the Geth have Bomber Drones XD.
Well I figured it was a good idea to add Kolyat to the bio list, because I wanted to show what his new abilities are :D
Yep. Also interesting that Tartarus' plans have forced him to take back up the mantle of the protect his family. (The shepards, etc)
Lilaaku Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I was practicing with Drellington (perfect name XD) some more this morning. We were chasing Cerberus off of Sur'Kesh :shakefist: I wasn't so spectacularly awful this time around. I'm given him a claymore Shotgun :D
And I think I'm getting used to the melee attacks... The main problem I have now is when I try to take cover and he decides to jump into enemy fire instead XD

I was using my Krogan to fight the Reapers, and that was working out okay :)

Why are Tartarus after Kolyat I'm wondering? He's not directly linked to Shepard, really :/ (but yes, it's a good thing he knows how to defend himself ^^ )
Kolyat is part of the extended Shepard Family. :D They didn't want him going through his grief alone. He trained Aya in martial arts :D

I always try to design a full on character for each one I use.
My Drell Vanguard is Lewa Arcturus.

Let me guess.........full on charge heavy melee......send Cannibals flying? :D
Lilaaku Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that makes sense ^^ I was thinking at first that Thane had more of a relationship with Shepard than his son did.

Yes Drellington :giggle: What's stopping me from making a full character with a name like that? XD (Obviously I'm not being serious ^^; ) What to know the name of my new Turian Soldier?... Topsy Tury :rofl:

Hehe. My Krogan's a Sentinel so I can't get away charging into the enemy as much as I'd like to :iconsulkplz: ... I do get to incinerate the enemy though :D
Topsy...........dear god :facepalm: He was probably teased a lot by the other Krogan XD
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