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October 7, 2012
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File Number 444510-39HKM

Real Name: Hillary Karin Moreau

Aliases: None

Species: Synthetic/AI

Age: 7 years since her creation. (Equivalent to eighteen years old in terms of maturity)  

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Jeffery Moreau (Father), EDI (Mother), Doctor Karin Chakwas (Godmother)

Base of Operations: The SR-7 Aegis

Place of Birth: Alliance Base: Pantheon

Occupation: Pilot

Height: 5'7"       Weight: 240 lbs.       Eyes: Brilliant Blue      Skin: (With artificial skin) Caucasian / (Without) Silver-Green

Class: Saboteur

Weaponry: None needed, but in firefight scenarios, she carries an N7 Kestrel Hand Cannon.

Tech Powers: Gemini, Tactical Cloak, Firewall, Haywire

Heavy Melee: Overload Punch

Other Powers/Abilities: Fully functional AI, able to hack into almost any system remotely, enhanced strength.

Bio: [Coming Soon]

The Saboteur Class: Deceptive. This class deceives their opponents, gaining the upper hand in the heat of battle.

Class Abilities: 
  • Gemini: Creates multiple holographic decoys to distract the opponent, each can explode or deliver electrical shocks to enemies.
  • Tactical Cloak
  • Firewall: A special shield that prevents hacking or overloading.
  • Haywire: A specialized pulse causes weapons and tech to either overheat, backfire, or turn against their users.
Hillary, the Aegis' Pilot!!!!!!!
Resident AI and professional saboteur.

Enjoy everyone
Re-uploaded this, changed a few things here or there.

Hillary belongs to me! :D
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The more I learn about Hillary, the better she gets!
"Weaponry: None needed..." *drools*
She's strong and fast like her mother, but she only needs her pistol for returning fire :D

So whatcha think of all the new bios I've added, (both good guys and bad) :D
I think they're spectacular! They will help the readers visualise the character when they are reading the stories since the descriptions are so detailed.
You have such a creative mind. :highfive:
I'll leave more comments when I get to read more. :D
:happybounce: Glad you like them!!!

Can't wait to hear what you think of the new ones!!! :D
Lilaaku Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
7? Aww :pat: That's kind of cute ^^

Oh! Oh! :wave: Her birthplace was Pantheon? Maybe she can stop this mysterious hacker going through their database :D (whoever they are :giggle: )
She may only be 7 in terms of her age since her creation, but she's more mature than that :D

-BlackBox has logged in-

What's wrong? Don't you like the information I'm sharing? If that's how you feel, maybe I won't be nice to you all anymore :giggle: I could just keep these little bios to myself. Even though my friends probably don't like me sharing their secrets with you all.
Lilaaku Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know you said that, but still :giggle:

You know, you don't seem like much of a hacker, popping up everywhere like this ;p Don't you ever think you could be a bit more cautious? Yes, yes of course I like the bios you keep sharing, but if you weren't around to be such a... distraction, maybe Alex could find time to update his stories more often and I could find out about your friends that way. Yes :D I blame you for any writer's block he's had previously and any yet to come :laughing: ... (Of course I'm kidding ^^; )
My good friend and mentor GreyBox told me why be cautious when you can have fun! Alex may not enjoy me distracting him from his works, but he's given me free reign on here.
Lilaaku Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, if you're not going to be cautious, you'll get caught and then all the fun's going to be over :shrug: There's nothing wrong with taking a risk every now and again, but where would we read these awesome character bios if you got found out?

What has Alex let himself in for agreeing to that? I wonder :disbelief:
Caught? What is being caught? :icondragonlaugh:

GreyBox taught me everything, and never ever got caught.

Alex....let's just say we have an agreement. I give you all these bios, he gets new toys to tinker with :D
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