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Citadel Council:
       In 2187, the four main Council races decided, in light of the massive devastation in the galaxy, to open their ranks to many other races, realizing that their main weakness before the war was not being unified against their foe. No longer did they take the condescending attitude that they showed for so long, instead welcoming others with open arms.
        The first three races to be accepted that year were the Volus, the Krogan, and the Quarians. Each of these races more than proved themselves during the Reaper War. To prevent any "bloodshed" or worse, Urdnot Bakara was chosen as the Krogan Councilor, to keep the peace between the Krogan and the Salarians. Admiral Tali'Zorah was nominated for the Quarian people but she respectfully declined, giving the position to Admiral Zaal'Koris instead. The Volus ambassador, Din Korlack, was originally chosen for the Council, but some surprising information came to light [Information Redacted, Council or Spectre Status Required], causing him to resign from his position. Commander Shepard suggested Barla Von for the spot, despite the broker's protests, stating that his knowledge of the ins and outs of the political machine makes him the perfect candidate.
    In 2188, a new councilor was chosen for the Humans, one Miranda Lawson, who was a high-ranking officer in Cerberus before the war. If it wasn't for Shepard's complete vote of confidence, the Council would have never accepted her nomination. 
  • Asari: Tevos
  • Salarian: Valern (until 2195), Lokan Saevis (2195 - present)
  • Turian: Sparatus
  • Human: Formally Dominic Osaba (retired), Miranda Lawson 
  • Volus: Din Korlack (for three months), Barla Von
  • Quarian: Zaal'Koris
  • Krogan: Urdnot Bakara

Codex entries about the Citadel Council after the Reaper War.
All this takes place in the SFS universe.

Tevos, Valern, Sparatus, Din Korlack, Miranda, Barla Von, Koris, and Bakara all belong to Bioware
Lokan Saevis is a Salarian Councilor designed by me for the SFS universe.
Cynder-A136 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Bakara?!?!Councilor?!?! OMG!!!!!!!! That's amazing!!!!

Barla Von...this name...he appears on Mass Effect(1), right?
Maxamillion2009 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Student Writer
I figured Tevos would get the boot after Thessia and the whole hoarding of that massive Prothean beacon, though.
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