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May 1, 2013
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Morning all! BlackBox here. Alex has put me in charge of interviewing and posting your questions for the cast of SFS and Lineage. I will continue to add to this as you all submit more questions or just statements for your favorite character. Let's begin then. Mordin (fine fine Rampage). You are up first.
Overlord0011 asks Urdnot Mordin: "What is your preferred choice of weapons?"

Rampage: (Grumbles) Why do I have to go first?
BlackBox: Because I said so. Now go.

Rampage: Fine. Preferred weapons? Hah. Like I need weapons! I've taken out fifteen mercs using only my fists and whatever was at hand. (Throws back head and laughs) I AM THE WEAPON!!!!! But if I have to pick, I would say my M-305 Broadsword Shotgun. The explosive flechettes just tear right through armor plating, so cool to watch it happen! BOOM!

BlackBox: Okay, Gabe? You're up next.
March4Fun asks, "How often do you miss when sniping?"

Gabriel: Seriously? We're going straight into that? *sigh* I may not be a perfect sniper, but I'm pretty damn good. I think the amount of times I miss doesn't really matter.

Cassie: You're just embarrassed that you accidentally hit Aunt Kaycee with a concussive round. 

Gabriel: I did not Cassie!

Cassie: Oh I totally watched it happen. You were trying to do a fancy bit of shooting to impress Ayrene and you accidentally had the round ricochet and hit Aunt Kaycee right in the butt. 

Gabriel: *hangs head in resignation* I got in so much trouble for that one. 

Cassie: (starts laughing)

BlackBox: Don't get too comfy Cass. You're next on the list.
Cassie: Wait...What?!?! Why me?
BlackBox: Overlord0011 asks you, "What's it like being the daughter of the two most famous Quarians in the galaxy? Did you have to deal with much pressure to fill their shoes?"

Cassie: (blushes) Oh Kee'lah...thought people would ignore me on these. Fine. If you must know......I try to not let people know who my parents are. I never wanted special treatment strictly for my parentage. Dad tried to get me a place in the Migrant Marines to give me some training, while Mom tried to get me a job at the Quarian embassy on the Citadel. I chose my own path, and did my Pilgrimage instead, even though only a handful of young Quarians do that anymore since we have a homeworld now. Needless to say, everyone was expecting me to be this prodigy right off the bat, especially since both my parents are war heroes. If it wasn't for Aya, Gabe and Hillary, I don't think I would have ever found my place in the universe.

Hillary: Don't say that Cassie, you are a truly exceptional individual. Your parents are proud of you, no matter what you choose to do. Never forget that.

Cassie: Thanks Hillary. I know. (Hugs her)


I'll add on to this as you all ask questions or have things you want to say to your favorite characters. 
Hope you all enjoy!

Aya, Rin, Elle, and Syren are :iconliveandloveart:'s characters
Gabe, Rampage, Cassie, Hillary, Artemis, Kim, etc belong to me :D
All elements of Mass Effect belong to Bioware.
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Darn, I really wanted to see what Hades had to say about my little comment. But still, Rampage cracks me up.
Haven't finished writing up the rest yet :D Be patient ;p
You'd have an easier time convincing the sun not to rise.
There must be a funny argument or 10 between the shepard girls they could talk about
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